Download turbotax on multiple computers

We will help you prepare well for upcoming tax seasons with this guide, which explains method to sign up Turbotax account to activating it on your computer. With the following sections, you will get to know how to download Turbotax on multiple computers. This will make e-filing process easier than ever before.

Filing taxes with Turbo tax become easier which offers numerous products depending on various situations of taxpayers and guidance of experts in the field.

Key Steps involved

  • Create or sign up a Turbotax account
  • Purchase a suitable Turbotax product
  • Download & Install Turbo tax
  • Sign in on the first computer
  • Download & Install Turbo tax software on other computers
  • Lastly, Sign in turbotax account on other computers

When you prepare tax returns using Turbo tax, you get benefit of assured refunds & notice of each deduction and credit made to your taxes. To download Turbotax on multiple computers, you need to have an account on it, let’s see how to create an account.

How to Sign-up turbotax account?

Begin your turbotax tax return filing with account setup,

  • Visit to turbotax official website.
  • Enter an email address & a strong password with 8-characters.
  • Now, select “Create account”. This creates an account for you to proceed with turbotax setup.

The interface is user-friendly with numerous calculators prepare well for upcoming tax season. So let’s make tax preparation easier and accurate by downloading Turbo tax.

How to get turbotax on 1st computer?

To become tax season ready, setup turbotax software on your PC. Along with this, you can also access it on several others by following a stepwise method as mentioned below-

Purchase a suitable turbotax product

Proceed ahead to buy a required Turbotax product as per your tax needs. For this you need to sign in your account, on its official website.

  1. Visit to “Products & Pricing” section thereafter.
  2. You will get numerous turbotax products, select any of these to but.
  3. Then, tap “Buy Now” or “Upgrade” button alongside of the product.
  4. Fill your payment details and follow on-screen prompts.

After you made purchase, a code is emailed to you confirming purchase of the turbotax product. You now require to download the product & install it on PC.

Download & Install Turbo tax

Now, as we have bought the product it is easy to download it from website.

  1. Head on to “Access to my Downloads”.
  2. Here, you will get purchased product. Select it.
  3. Choose ‘Download’. Now, the relevant file starts to download.
  4. Save the file at desired location. To install it, double-tap on it.
  5. Thereafter an installer launches, which promotes installation of file.

Now let’s go with the signing process then we will dive into process of accessing Turbo text on another computers.

Login your Turbotax account on 1st Computer

  1. Using web browser, first of all go to official website and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Tap “Sign In” on the first screen appears.
  3. Put in your turbotax account’s email Id & password.

You have now access to the software but to fully utilise its features you need to undergo an activation process.

Activate it on your computer

You will notice an activation page as installation terminates. This demands you to enter the same license code that you’ve got after purchasing the software.

  1. Simply, put in the license code now in the box you received.
  2. Then, Click ‘Continue’.
  3. You can now start preparing tax return from this computer. If you need to prepare tax return from different locations then you must setup this software on other computers too.

How to get turbotax on other computers?

Lets move further to see how to download turbotax on multiple computers.

Download & Install turbotax on other computers

  1. On the computer you’ve downloaded turbotax first of all, sign-in your account.
  2. Thereafter, navigate to “Downloads” section on the website.
  3. You will see download TurboTax for additional computers option.
  4. Select “Download” to save the file on the external USB you’ve connected. You can also save it on Cloud.
  5. Thereafter, from Cloud you can locate & install the file on others computers.
  6. Now, double-click the file and installer will be launched.

You are now ready with Turbotax setup on all the computers.

Login your Turbotax account on other Computers

After installing the software, signing-in your turbotax account from all other computers is required to establish it on other Computers.

  1. On the desktop, double-tap the Turbotax icon on the screen.
  2. Now appears Login window. Enter your credentials- Email Id & Password.
  3. Click on “Sign In” button to proceed ahead.

Congratulations! on successfully setting up turbotax on multiple computers. This has made your work even more easier and faster to do. One thing you need to ensure while switching between different computers is to keep saving your entered information. This will save your information and keep it on secure servers.

Last Words

Prepare well and enjoy higher amount of refunds on the returns you will file using Turbotax. The whole process is explained step-by-step in the guide, to e-file tax returns by creating turbotax account and submitting it.

Start with turbotax account sign-up steps then purchase of required product. Followed by download turbotax on multiple computers and finally signing in your account on it. Entering license code is a must to complete setup on your PC.